The Finance You Need

Congratulations on making the decision to build your new home with IQ Homes.
As a valued partner of IQ Homes Amicus is here to provide you with the expertise and support to en-sure you not only secure the mortgage you need but to take all the hassle out of it for you.

Here is a brief Q&A to help get you started:

Q: We have fallen in love with one of the house plans at IQ Homes but don’t know if we can afford it, can you tell us how much money we can borrow.
A: Yes, if you are not comfortable with committing to signing a sales and purchase agreement first we can get a pre-approval in place for you. You will then know exactly how much a bank will lend to you. You can then go back to IQ Homes with confidence that you can buy the home you want.
Q: We have decided on a plan, found a section and signed a sales and purchase agreement subject to fi-nance, what do we do now?
A: Contact us immediately to arrange an appointment to get the mortgage in place. If it suits you better we can come to you afterhours at your home.
Q: We want to use our Kiwi Saver money to build our home, do you do that.
A: We have extensive experience with new home builds using KiwiSaver & HomeStart Grants. In fact we can guide you through this rather daunting process with ease as we understand the requirements of each compo-nent and how they all come together. This includes guidance with KiwiSaver withdrawals and applying for the Home Start Grant.
Q: I am self-employed; can you help arrange a mortgage for me?
A: Absolutely we deal with many self-employed home buyers and can make the process very easy for you to navigate through.
Q: We want to stay living in our current home while IQ Homes build our new one, can you arrange bridging finance?
A: Yes we can.
Q: What will I need to provide you so you can arrange our mortgage?
A: We will need you to provide a copy of the sales and purchase agreement and complete an application for the mortgage. A list of supporting documents such as proof of income, proof of deposit, personal identification etc. will be covered off in an email confirming our meeting time. If you can get as much of this information to-gether as possible for our first meeting it will make the whole process much faster.
Julian Lingard AFA
Broker / Adviser – Amicus Group Limited
196 St Asaph Street
P: 027 816 0520
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