Our Promise

Our promise to you is....

  • That after all the recent events of "Earthquakes and Aftershocks" since September 4, 2010 we here at iQ Homes are very committed in helping the people of Canterbury to rebuild their family home.
  • After you take possession of your new IQ Home "Moe" will be in contact with you  to arrange a time that suits you to go over any minor maintenance items if needed. "Moe" will be your point of contact for the next three months giving you reassurance that IQ Homes will honour any maintenance requirements needed.
  • We will build your home or property using all our construction knowledge and experience to make sure you get the best possible construction to suit your requirements and budget.
  • Piece of mind knowing we are members of the Certified Builders Association and have all the relevant insurance policies in place during the period of your construction.
Certified Builders Guarantee